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Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is highly effective and, at the same time, the safety of the procedures performed. In practice, this is the case – a correctly performed procedure should not be burdened by the occurrence of side effects. A prerequisite for executing the procedures does not disappoint, is the choice of a prestigious clinic of aesthetic medicine and entrusting your appearance and health in the hands of highly qualified specialists.

Aesthetic Medicine


Today Botox is familiar to everyone who looks after their appearance, especially those who want to look young for as long as possible.
Beauty, in this case, will not require sacrifices from you, but it will give a visible effect!

$ 15.00

Dermal face fillers are gel-like materials of different densities injected under the skin using the finest needles. Fillers are used in modern cosmetology to correct small, medium, deep wrinkles, smooth nasolabial folds. Also, the gel is injected to lift the corners of the mouth, reshape the chin, cheekbones, and cheeks. The primary purpose is rejuvenation, face modeling.

$ 350.00

Plasmolifting is one of the newest therapeutic and rejuvenating techniques. During the procedure, the patient is injected subcutaneously with his blood plasma (the active form of platelets).
How is helpful plasma?
Plasma injected subcutaneously at the cellular level triggers natural regenerative processes (even in the deep layers of the skin), accelerates regeneration, and stimulates new cells and tissues.
What happens when plasma is injected?
Plasma enhances skin immunity. As a result, the skin acquires a healthier color, its structure and texture are improved. The skin copes much better with bacteria that cause skin diseases, irritation, and inflammation (acne).
Platelets in an active form, contained in plasma, release the most significant growth factors, which, in turn, stimulate cell division and growth and activate regenerative processes.
Intensive restoration of damaged cells occurs, as well as skin renewal. These properties make it possible to combine the introduction of plasma with techniques aimed at destroying the old skin (laser resurfacing, peeling). Simultaneously, the procedure’s effect is significantly enhanced, and the rehabilitation period is reduced.
The growth factor of the vascular endothelium makes it possible to increase their elasticity and make them stronger.
Fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of elastin and collagen, ensure the skin’s health and appearance. Also, fibroblasts can activate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the introduction of plasma, it is possible to increase their number and, in the most literal sense, restore youth to the skin.

$ 800.00

Facial mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a complex of valuable minerals and amino acids is delivered to the mesoderm using injections. Such a cocktail is able not only to optimally correlate the cosmetic and therapeutic effects on the problem area but also on the body as a whole. Simultaneously, neutralize several aesthetic imperfections: age spots, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, dry skin, dull color, and uneven facial relief. The procedure’s effect is achieved due to two criteria: the effect of the active components of the drug and a fine mechanical injection needle. After the procedure, the skin actively begins to produce elastin and collagen, thereby improving blood microcirculation.

$ 300.00

Microneedling is a type of action on the subcutaneous layers of the dermis. The procedure is performed using special equipment, where ultra-thin needles are applied to the skin. The result is active regenerative processes almost all over the skin without obvious red spots that appear after standard manipulations. On the most sensitive skin, they can appear and disappear within 24 hours.

A one-time visible effect is present after the first procedure. Still, the degree of its severity depends on such factors as the microneedles’ immersion depth, which varies from 2 mm to 0.2 mm, processing area. The thinner and softer the skin, the more noticeable the effect.

The microneedle stimulator ensures minimal trauma and soreness in areas of even the most sensitive and thin skin. The procedure is carried out at high speeds, up to 900 injections per minute, which, together with the beneficial skin substances introduced inside, activates regenerative processes. And after a couple of days, you will see how your skin has become more elastic and tauter. An injection into the skin activates collagen fiber formation processes, which becomes noticeable after the first procedures.

$ 300.00

With age, the body begins to deposit fat in the sides and thighs and the face: the so-called double chin appears, the flews sag. If the volume in the waist area can be fought with physical activity, then more radical methods will have to be used for the face. For example, lipolytic are now very popular.
What it is?
Lipolytic is a medication for injection under the skin aimed at breaking down fat cells. As a result of lipolytic use, the oval of the face narrows, the second chin disappears, and the structure of the skin is leveled. The injections activate the natural regeneration processes, triggering the rejuvenation process. The procedure can help to cope with age-related changes.

$ 650.00

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