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Delfin Cup Vacuum Therapy

The Copas Delfin are a revolutionary technology from Colombia that utilizes nonsurgical methods to shape your buttocks in a safe and effective manner. The way that it works is by diluting and relocating the gluteal fat which models and tones the buttocks. The Copas Delfin are made for the safety and wellbeing of both the clinician and the patient. They come with equipment for their sterilization and maintenance and pressure control valves which prevent the poor treatment of the patient’s skin. Additionally, the cups themselves are designed as ergonomic in order to protect the clinician from occupational risks.  

Our Therapies

Columbian Butt Vacuum Lift1 HourUsing patented official Delfin Therapies Cups. Non-surgical procedure to lift and round the buttocks. A minimum amount of sessions needed to see results, 6 sessions. Includes thermal/hot cream and massage.$220
Cellulite Therapy45 minUsing patented official Delfin Therapies Cups, thermal/hot cream, manual manipulation/massage and LED therapy to reduce the appearance of cellulite.$100
Lymphatic Drainage45 minUsing patented official Delfin Therapies Cups and manual manipulation/massage.$150
The Bellissima Booty Facial1 HourPrep and warm the skin with manual manipulation using thermal cream, cleansing the skin, application of your choice of scrub, spot treatment, LED therapy and moisturising.$150